120+ Great Recipes from Our House to Yours

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What's for Dinner?

When we started to eat healthy, we got bored quick. We don't want the same thing to happen to you. So, we compiled 120+ of our favorite recipes for you to enjoy!


120+ Pages of Delicious!

We use these recipes every day at our house to make it easy to eat healthy (and delicious)! You are bound to discover dozens of new family favorites!

  • 120+ Recipes
  • Plant-Strong, Whole Foods Ingredients
  • Simple to Make
  • Family-Friendly
  • Easy to Modify (Simple Swaps Can Make These Recipes Vegan or Gluten Free)
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What people are saying...

I just made the Black Bean burgers…what a hit! I truly LOVE them and plan to make them over and over again. I never dreamed they could taste sooo amazing! We are loving The Kitchen Skinny! I am sooo happy that we decided to learn new eating habits.

I made the Chickpea Wrap and Pesto Pasta this week – both were awesome – even my meat and potatoes hubby liked them. All this from a woman that doesn’t cook. Love it!

We had the Z Tacos last night (although fixed it like a burrito so could get more in it…haha). The Kitchen Skinny rocks!!

Okay, tonight I tried my first recipe. I must say I was a little nervous. I did not really tell my kids what was in it because I did not want them to decide they did not like it before they even tried it. I was amazed that every one of them said, “Hey, mom, this is really good. It’s so tasty!” I started jumping up and down and screaming because I have not heard those words in sooooo long. All I can say is “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” I cannot wait to try another one…

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