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So, what is Goodbye to Dieting?

Say Goodbye to Dieting Now

"Awesome program. I just completed it! My life has changed forever!" – Stacy S. Carlsbad, CA

How "Goodbye to Dieting" works...

Start where you are. Work at your own pace.

  • Nutrition Fundamentals

    Nutrition can be confusing! We cover all the basics from what foods to eat, what to avoid & how to overcome the most common diet myths.

  • Beyond the Food

    There’s more to nutrition than food. Learn how meal timing, hormones, stress and other factors impact your best efforts at losing weight.

  • Real Life Integration

    Not just a bunch of theory because we live in the real world. Learn lots of real life strategies for people who are busy, working & on the go.

"Thank you so much for the education and counseling you have given me. The information I have learned has truly changed my life. I feel so much better now. My blood pressure, heart rate, body fat, cholesterol, and overall health is better now that it was when I was 29. The animation and graphics are so funny and entertaining, and the information is so valuable. Thank you again for making such a positive impact in my life. You guys are awesome!"

Shamera W

What you get with "Goodbye to Dieting"...

A comprehensive step-by-step process.

splash2 - bottomInstant access to all training modules within our private, member only website.

Each module offers a step-by-step training video, written lesson and clear action guide designed to help you put everything you’re learning to use right away.

What you will learn:

Module 1 – How to Press Your Body’s Reset Button

Module 2 – How to Eat More & Lose Weight

Module 3 – The Optimum Times & Places to Eat for Weight Loss

Module 4 – How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

Module 5 – 3 Simple Practices to Escalate Your Weight Loss

Module 6 – How to Put Your Weight Loss on Auto-Pilot

Module 7 – How to Know the Perfect Foods for YOUR Body

Module 8 – The Secret to Keeping it Off

imagesYou’re busy—we get it. Our goal is to make Goodbye to Dieting easy and enjoyable.

Each of our core training videos is short, only 20-30 minutes long, and can be played on your computer or downloaded to your iPad or iPhone and watched on the go.

Short videos help you learn and take action quickly.

Videos go with you—watch & learn anywhere.

images-1Whether you prefer learning through watching video or reading lessons, we have you covered. You also receive a detailed written lesson for each module to reinforce what you’ve learned.

At the end of each weekly lesson, we give you specific actions to take – so you can practice what you’ve learned & measure the results.

Reach your goals faster with a clear plan.

images-3The beauty of Goodbye to Dieting is that you don’t have to rush. You go at your own pace and work on your own schedule.

Take your time and make changes that last for life.

You set the pace. You decide how fast you want to go.

Smart-Idea-150x150Check-in Monitoring System: The check-in system is designed so that you can monitor your progress. It will guide you step-by-step on how to analyze and self monitor your progress and make the appropriate adjustments to your plan each week.

Food Monitoring System: This food log and step-by-step guide will help you review the foods you are eating and show you how to systematically overtime reprogram your body to crave healthy foods and not crave the unhealthy choices available.

Say Goodbye to Dieting NowComplete Program: Only $97 - Limited Time

I am amazed at how much I learned about processed foods, sugars, habits & whole foods. I feel better & look better. I've lost weight & am even contemplating wearing a bikini which I go on vacation in a few weeks.

My son has witnessed the transition and has benefited as well by learning the importance of whole foods. Thank you so much for this program!

Kim Q. Kim Q.

I went from 212 pounds in December to 185 in May and because of the program and my new eating habits, I will get to and stay at my target weight forever. Additionally my cholesterol dropped from 220 to 166. Naturally your results may vary, but I can tell you I have more energy (I run half marathons now), less cravings, and I feel great! In fact I have friends, relatives, and co-workers wanting to know “my secret”.

This isn’t a diet plan, it’s a lifestyle change, and if you are willing to be open minded, honest with your current eating habits, and looking for long term changes that will impact you for the rest of your life – then this is the program for you!

George H. George H.

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Say Goodbye to Dieting NowComplete Program: Only $97 - Limited Time

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We don’t believe in gimmicks. We designed this program to make a difference in people’s lives. If you don’t feel like you gained more value from this program than the cost, email us for a full refund. No questions asked. The risk is on us so you can experience what it’s like to be back in control of your own body and how good your body was designed to feel.